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We will give you practical solutions, insider tips and techniques, and the motivation that you need to succeed as a creative entrepreneur in the Music Industry. Each week we issue a new blog and video covering the secrets of songwriting like a pro, vocal coach techniques, performance tips for musicians, positive mindset for artists and how to achieve music career success in 2022. Muzik Planet is a great musicians' resource.

What's on offer

​Do you have an understanding about all of the items below?  Muzik Planet can help you with this.​

  • Promoters, Booking Agents & Publicists

  • Music Supervisors & Licensing

  • Record Labels, Music Publishers, Digital Music Distributors

  • Radio Trackers

  • Social Media & Social Media Experts

  • Your Brand; website, photos, artwork, E.P.K.

  • Networking, Showcases, Conferences & Symposiums

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  • Awards, Funding, Competitions and Contests

  • Festivals, Local Gigs, Touring & Riders

  • Contracts, Percentage Splits, Tax, Lawyers


  • New Music; Demo, Single, E.P., Album, Release Strategies

  • Songwriting; Music & Lyrics

  • Performing, Vocal Technique

  • Artists Mindset - How to have a positive mental attitude

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Weekly Blogs and YouTube Videos
Each week we upload a new blog article and video covering the topics above and much, much more.  

Blogs & Videos

Songwriting Video e-Course

Unlocking creativity through songwriting. Everyone wants to be more creative.

Our Secrets of Songwriting e-course can teach anyone how to access their own unique creative abilities through the discipline of songwriting — from beginners to advanced musicians and even non musicians.

The course is in two halves, each containing seven modules. The first half is dedicated to lyrics and the second half to music.

The art of joining the lyrics and music together to create a whole new artistic expression is one that is not often talked about in one course. Secrets of Songwriting will show you how to create unique, original and highly catchy songs, that are an expression of your own feelings and thoughts.

The course contains practical and engaging exercises that are easy and fun to do with excellent and immediate results to improve your writing.

Tips and techniques from Music Industry Specialists and multi award winning singer-songwriter Giselle Minns will guide you through the process of songwriting with clarity and ingenuity.

Secrets of Songwriting takes the form of a video with each module to work through at your own pace.

Muzik Planet Guidance
If you need one on one help with your career, songwriting, singing or performing, we've got you covered.

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